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  • Anonyme et confidentiel

Info-Crime Montreal encourages citizens to fight against crime by calling anonymously and confidentially to report any criminal act.

A reward up to $3,000 is given anonymously to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest of a suspect.

Info-Crime Montreal is a program in partnership with the City of Montreal, which requires the participation of the general public, the media and the police.


The Info-Crime program (known as « CrimeStoppers » elsewhere in North America) has been set up in more than 1,200 cities in several countries, with more than 25 being in Canada (including Toronto, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Calgary and Hamilton-Wentworth).

Having proven itself in communities where it had been set up, this program inspired The Montreal Board of Trade (now Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal) to propose establishing such a progarm within the terrritory of the Montreal Urban Community.

The origins of Info-Crime Montreal

In December 1986, The Montreal Board of Trade and the Police Department of the Montreal Urban Community (now the Police Department of the City of Montreal – SPVM) agreed to jointly develop the Info-Crime program which resulted in the program being established in the Montreal Urban Community (MUC) in the year 1987.