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  • Awards up to $3,000*
  • Awards up to $3,000*

    *Info-Crime Montréal offers cash rewards of up to $3,000 to those who provide us with information which leads to the arrest of one or more suspects. This is provided for in our internal governance rules and our rewards charter. However, certain conditions must be met.

Applicable Conditions:

Since its creation, Info-Crime Montréal has offered a reward program to people who provide information which leads to an arrest. To be eligible, everyone must take the following essential conditions into consideration as they are part of the fundamental principles of the program:

The Conditions:

  • The applicant must have on hand their report number, called ``IC or ICM``, assigned to the applicant at the time of their first call or internet communication with ICM.
  • Award allocations must be approved in advance by the ICM Board of Directors.
  • The applicant must not be:
    • A victim or a complainant of the infraction or the criminal act under investigation for which an award is offered.
    • An accomplice involved in the infraction or the criminal act under investigation for which an award is offered.
    • Called as a witness before a tribunal after having provided information which leads to the arrest and charging of one or several suspects.
    • Revealed by the investigation to be in connivance with a victim, a complainant, a witness or another person in order to dishonestly gain a reward.

The basis of the ICM program rests on the anonymity of its sources. For this reason, Info-Crime will never reveal the identity of any person who provides information.

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Awards up to $3,000

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