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Montreal, Wednesday 9, May, 2018

The management team of Info Crime Montréal are pleased to announce the launch of a successful joint visibility program. In the coming weeks Tag Tracking Inc., a leader in theft prevention and the recovery of stolen vehicles, will have a message on the rear +/- 40 of their service vehicles promoting Info-Crime Montréal and Échec au Crime. The message will be easy for all other drivers to see.

According to ICM President and CEO Jean Touchette and Mr. Freddy Marcantonio, Vice-President of Tag Tracking Inc., this initiative will provide additional visibility to the cause, for the benefit of all. We are very pleased to announce it in the midst of our ICM Week which is in full swing for the second year in a row until May 12th.

The launch of the visibility program took place at the TAG Tracking office at 9280 boulevard de l'Acadie. In the picture, we recognize from left to right, Richard Poirier, President of Échec au crime, Emilie Toubeix, SPSU section of the SPVM, the leaders of the TAG company, Jason Gallovich, president and Freddy Marcantonio, vice president, Jean Touchette, CEO of Info-Crime Montreal and Martin Généreux, SPSU section of the SPVM.

In total, some 40 vehicles from the TAG Tracking Company will display in the back a mention of support for Info-Crime Montreal and Échec au crime with their respective coordinates. In the photo, Jason Gallovich and Freddy Marcantonio of TAG proudly pose with ICM CEO Jean Touchette, very pleased with this initiative.

The leaders of ICM and TAG at the launch of the visibility program on May 9, in the photo from left to right, Aldo Arcaro, Vice President of ICM, Jason Gallowich, President of TAG, Freddy Marcantonio, vice-president TAG marketing president, Jean Touchette, CEO of ICM and Karim Sénoussi, vice president of ICM.

Info-Crime Montreal expands the project with its provincial counterpart

Since Tag Tracking Inc. service vehicles often circulate outside the island of Montreal, ICM thought it necessary to include Échec au Crime in the initiative as both organizations share the same mission. This association was to be expected, according to EAC President Richard Poirier, who said he was delighted with the project.

In closing, since 1987 Info-Crime Montréal has been a part of the daily lives of citizens who desire to improve the quality of life for their fellow Montrealers by confidentiality reporting information on criminal activity. Thank you for your support! Info-Crime Montréal is a call for self-respect, help us continue our mission to spread the message by calling us at 514-393-1133 or visit our website at

About Tag Tracking Inc.

The mission of Tag Tracking Inc. is to be the industry leader in theft prevention and recovering stolen vehicles. By constantly striving to push the boundaries of technology, they have achieved unprecedented success with their patented products, notably the Tag Tracking System.

Their team has been at the forefront of theft prevention and the recovery of stolen vehicles for over a decade. Until now, they have recovered stolen assets cumulatively worth several million of dollars in Canada and the United States.

Tag Tracking Inc.
Telephone: 514-745-8241
Toll free: 1-888-745-8241

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